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Presentaties Muziek Digitaal en MIKE Belgium

Vorige week woensdag waren we dus op Muziek Digitaal in Brussel. De meeste presentaties staan inmiddels online. Een officieel verslag van het Muziekcentrum volgt later. Wat is ons bijgebleven?

Projection mapping - artistic augmented reality

Well, this will be a short one. For those who didn't know yet: there's a relatively new art form coming out of the experimental playground of visuals, sound and architecture called "projection mapping".

Video sprites and concatenative sound synthesis

Sometimes crossing the borders of your own domain can yield some very interesting insights. After reading a nice blog post on recent applications of seam carving in the video processing world, I stumbled across an interesting article on controlled animation of video sprites. Allow me to explain why I think it is interesting for music technologists like us.

Herd it

Just found out about an interesting game called Herd It. Tried it out and, presented in a kind of "brain trainer like" user interface, this facebook game tests your abilities to tag and name songs. Questions like "how do you classify this song", "would this song be good for a romantic date" are asked to the user after listening to songs. Punctuation is given based on the tags that are chosen by majority of the current 10 players.

A great idea! Here's to hoping they will release the actual data.

Celemony releases Melodyne DNA

So Celemony finally released their DNA technology to a wider audience (beta version for existing customers). It took a little longer than originally announced, but who cares for such great technology. Congrats to the Celemony team!

Just found the time to actually sit through their demo videos.