Herd it

Just found out about an interesting game called Herd It. Tried it out and, presented in a kind of "brain trainer like" user interface, this facebook game tests your abilities to tag and name songs. Questions like "how do you classify this song", "would this song be good for a romantic date" are asked to the user after listening to songs. Punctuation is given based on the tags that are chosen by majority of the current 10 players.

A great idea! Here's to hoping they will release the actual data.

This is very much like the ESP game by Carnegie Mellon / Louis Von Ahn, and then to lesser extent related to the recaptacha idea by the same people (both licensed to Google!). The problem with music in these kind of games is the inherent temporal aspect of music: in comparison with image-based games (which can be fast-paced), music games always require you to spend some time listening before you can "play". Queue discussions about bandwidth of the eyes and ears...