Below is an overview of the technologies we have developed over the past years and which are now available for licensing.
If you would rather acquire one (or more) of these technologies, we may be willing to discuss that as well (please contact us with an offer in that case).
We also have a few other technologies in the works that are not mentioned here yet, so if you have a particular need you can't find a solution for on this page, feel free to ask us anyway.

Percussive Sound Recognition

Machine learning-based sound recognition middleware package that analyzes incoming audio and listens for occurrences of pre-defined percussive sounds.
This can be used to control games and other applications, using trigger events coming from an audio source, such as a microphone input.
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Music Following

Machine listening technology that follows music in real-time.
Mainly used in score following setups where a digital score follows along with what the musician is playing. Enables automatic page turning for sheet music, controlling camera's or lighting, or other interactivity between a live audio stream and synchronized media.
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Time Stretching

Music processing technology package for changing the tempo/speed of an audio source without altering the pitch of the material. This can be done in real time or offline. The time-stretching factor may also vary over time and can be changed while processing.
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Beat Match Analysis

Music processing technology package for finding the tempo of songs. Additionally, it also detects the position of the beats in the music.
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Melody Transcription

A technology package for transcribing monophonic melodies (recorded in an audio file) into a sequence of notes (or MIDI file).
Basically, you give it a sound file with a vocal melody (singing or humming), and the technology gives you back a start time, end time, average pitch, and amplitude for each detected note in the sound file.
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