Piano en zang recital met live music following

Op zaterdag 23 maart 2013 organiseert SampleSumo bij Piano's Maene een uniek evenement, waarbij piano, zang en technologie één geheel vormen.

Our music following technology in action

These past weeks, SampleSumo's music following technology has been used in two public events featuring Kimiko Ishizaka's performance of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations: one in a live concert setting, and the other in a radio broadcast setting.

SampleSumo at Creativity World Forum 2011

Some time ago, we received an invitation from Innovatiecentrum Oost-Vlaanderen to present our company at their booth at the Creativity World Forum 2011 in Hasselt. We said yes, and also asked the people of MuseScore if they would like to join us. The result: a live demo of a score following application, showing the strengths of two Flemish music technology companies.

Drums are loud, by design

Loud music is bad for your ears, no doubt about it. We all know it, and have probably actually felt it too on several occasions, hopefully just until "the day after"...

So, our Flemish minister of culture Joke Schauvlieghe proposed a couple of new regulations for limiting sound levels at concerts, clubs, parties and festivals. A good thing... in theory... is now live

Rockstar Music, Inc., one of the companies we are working with, recently pushed their BreakoutBand platform into public alpha.

BreakoutBand is a social music creation experience where members can:
- form bands
- make songs like a rockstar
- earn rewards
- compete to top the charts
You can currently create songs using a beat maker and a vocal booth, include effects, share your songs on social networks and vote the best songs into the charts.

SampleSumo's contribution to this project is mainly related to audio processing engine development.

Stage iPhone music/audio app development

SampleSumo zoekt studenten computerwetenschappen / toegepaste informatica die zin hebben in een boeiende stage rond iPhone music/audio app development. Meer info hier.

Using music analysis to capture musician's performing style

Projection mapping - artistic augmented reality

Well, this will be a short one. For those who didn't know yet: there's a relatively new art form coming out of the experimental playground of visuals, sound and architecture called "projection mapping".