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Little piggy's return: GRoink

The little iPhone app for kids we had released some months ago, together with our partners Publigence and BigBoom, is now back under a new name!
It has become a free app, with the possibility to get extra animal images and sounds through an in-app purchase, and it was adapted for iPad too.

Score following and Music Hack Day Barcelona

At the end of last week, Bram was in Barcelona for Music Hack Day: a two days event focused on music technology hacking (web, software, hardware, art, ...) We launched our MeloTranscript web service API, and also connected up our music following technology to the MuseScore score editing software.

Oink iPhone app released

Know those cardboard books with big animal pictures you read with your baby? The ones you use to tempt your toddler to imitate the sound of a lion? Or a cat? Or a cow?

Oink is exactly that for your iPhone. Captivating images, spot-on sound and attention-grabbing animation as you flip through animal pictures and tap the screen to hear the lion roar...

Drums are loud, by design

Loud music is bad for your ears, no doubt about it. We all know it, and have probably actually felt it too on several occasions, hopefully just until "the day after"...

So, our Flemish minister of culture Joke Schauvlieghe proposed a couple of new regulations for limiting sound levels at concerts, clubs, parties and festivals. A good thing... in theory... is now live

Rockstar Music, Inc., one of the companies we are working with, recently pushed their BreakoutBand platform into public alpha.

BreakoutBand is a social music creation experience where members can:
- form bands
- make songs like a rockstar
- earn rewards
- compete to top the charts
You can currently create songs using a beat maker and a vocal booth, include effects, share your songs on social networks and vote the best songs into the charts.

SampleSumo's contribution to this project is mainly related to audio processing engine development.