Below are some versions of our company logo, that can be used in blogs, press articles, etc... related to our company. Note that both the name SampleSumo and the SampleSumo logo are registered trademarks of SampleSumo BV and should not be used for other purposes.

logo only logo + name + tagline
high resolution high resolution
white 1200x1200 (png) white 1200x900 (png)
black 1200x1200 (png) black 1200x900 (png)
transparent 1200x1200 (png) transparent 1200x900 (png)
low resolution other formats and sizes
white 100x100 (png) please contact us
black 100x100 (png)
transparent 100x100 (png)

Credit or attribution stamps

When mentioning SampleSumo in a credits section, or making an attribution when using our technology (for example when using our APIs), you might want to use the images below:

white 184x60 (png) SampleSumo_logo_text_powered_by_white_184x60.png
black 184x60 (png) SampleSumo_logo_text_powered_by_black_184x60.png
transparent (black text) 184x60 (png) SampleSumo_logo_text_powered_by_transparent_black_text_184x60.png
transparent (white text) 184x60 (png) SampleSumo_logo_text_powered_by_transparent_white_text_184x60.png