SampleSumo at Creativity World Forum 2011

Some time ago, we received an invitation from Innovatiecentrum Oost-Vlaanderen to present our company at their booth at the Creativity World Forum 2011 in Hasselt. We said yes, and also asked the people of MuseScore if they would like to join us. The result: a live demo of a score following application, showing the strengths of two Flemish music technology companies.

Since some months now, we've been working together with our partner UGent on a music following system that allows music to be followed in real-time. One of the interesting use cases for this technology is a score following system: a system that listens to what a musician is playing and shows the location in the score as it is being played.


The digital score display functionality is provided by the MuseScore team.
The Ghent-based pianist Fjolla Avdiu will be with us to demo the system in real-time.

If you're attending CWF11, drop by the Innovatiecentrum booth and we'll give you a demo!