Music following


synchronize live performances with musical scores (or other media)

SampleSumo’s unique music following technology enables composers, musicians and digital sheet music publishers to make their scores interactive.

  • In a score following setup, the system listens to a live music performance of a musical score and keeps track of the current location in that score based on what it is hearing. This allows pages to be turned automatically at the appropriate moment.
  • This is possible for different musical instruments, and for performances of varying tempo. The system is robust to background noise, and is suited for both home and concert use.
  • It can also be used to synchronize a video, slideshow, camera's or stage lighting to a musical performance.
  • In offline mode, it could be used to synchronize recordings of live concerts to the score and other media elements, after the event, to produce an enhanced and/or educational registration of the concert.

The technology has been featured on Spanish Television, at the Creativity World Forum 2011 in Belgium, at Classical:NEXT 2012 in Germany, and on Wisconsin Public Radio in the USA.

An extended system has also been used during a public live concert with piano and soprano: the audience could watch the synchronized score or lyrics on a projector and/or on their mobile devices. Below is a video recording of this event, showing the technology in action. If you want to hear a short explanation about the technology (in Dutch), skip to 17m11s in the video. For more info (including the full playlist and credits) open the video on YouTube and click the "Show more" button.

More info on this event can be found here.


Evaluation and licensing

If you are interested in licensing this technology, we can provide you with a demo application on Windows and macOS for evaluation purposes. An SDK / library for Windows, macOS and iOS is currently being developed and should become available for licensing in the future (as the technology is programmed in C++, builds for other platforms should be possible too).
If you are interested in acquiring this technology, we can discuss that as well. Please contact us directly for more info.

MusicFollower screenshot