Beat Match Analysis


detect tempo and beats in music efficiently

The Beat Match Analysis engine finds the tempo in music. Additionally, it also detects the position of the beats in the music. This is done in a two-phase system allowing you to skip the detection of the location of the beats if you only need the tempo. This beat detection library is designed to work quickly and efficiently with constant tempo music.


BMA is available as a C/C++ library with documentation, development guide and extensive example code. We currently support Windows, macOS and iOS (let us know if you would like to use it on other platforms).

Contact us for more details, pricing info or an evaluation license to get you started.


Below are a few examples of songs that were processed with BMA.
The "Original song" file is always, well... the original song. The "With click" file contains the left channel of the original song in the left channel, and a click track based on the results from BMA in the right channel.

Song: café connection by morgantj:

Original song With click

Song: Freedom in our Voices by ditto ditto:

Original song With click

Song: I dunno by grapes:

Original song With click

Song: Come Up For Air by SackJo22:

Original song With click

Applications and use cases

  • beat matching of songs in DJ applications
  • using beats and tempo to synchronize gameplay events to a game's music
  • integration into DAW's, audio editors or other music/audio apps
  • synchronizing music to running/walking pace

User quotes

"AudioStep was using a beat detection mechanism that failed to detect about 30% of popular songs correctly. Once AudioStep was linking to SampleSumo's beat detection library, the error rate came down to 2%. Integration of the library took literally less than an afternoon." - Tibor Horvath, founder Audioforge Labs Inc.

"We've been using your beat-matching library, and we're pretty pleased with its functionality so far" - Matthew Jewkes, co-founder of Twisted Oak Studios, on integration of BMA in their Element Music Player