Start of SAPIM project

Today, we sent out a newsletter/press release regarding the start of our IWT Innovation Project "smart audio processing for interactive multimedia" (SAPIM). With this project, we are expanding our activities regarding intelligent music/audio processing.

We already blogged about this some time ago, but in the meantime, ParticipatieMaatschappij Vlaanderen decided to support our business plans by providing additional financing (next to the IWT subsidies and our own sources).

The project actually already started at the beginning of August, but we felt we should still make an official announcement about it.

Apart from Bram and Koen, the team working on this project also involves two other persons: Michael from DSSP/UGent (mainly working on the audio signal processing aspects) and David from ResLab/UGent (mainly working on some machine learning aspects).

You can find the announcement, including some info on the things we are working on, here.