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Mechanical sensors for sound recognition

Sound recognition systems, which generate triggers when certain types of sound are recognized, are being used in different domains these days: speech, music, healthcare, traffic, construction, etc...

Artist interview: Jason Corder / offthesky

For this artist interview, we will be talking to ambient/drone music composer/creator and game audio director Jason Corder (artist name: offthesky). This is what ResidentAdvisor has to say about him: "offthesky is the ever evolving sonic quilt of Denver, Colorado artist Jason Corder. Wielding instruments such as a vibraphone, guitar, piano, and various others accoutrements, mr. Corder makes home-spun and spacious sound-scapes of majestic proportion..."

Artist interview: Rod Abernethy

Award-winning composer and musician Rod Abernethy crafts authentic and memorable music scores for visual media including video games, advertising and television.

Extracting audio from visual information

Algorithm recovers speech from the vibrations of a potato-chip bag filmed through soundproof glass.

Interview with Hollywood film music composer Henry Jackman

Henry Jackman is a British-born composer who started his musical career in classical music, moved on to music production and programming in the electronic/pop scene (working with Seal and Art of Noise), and is now an accomplished film score composer who has worked on Hollywood live-action movies and blockbuster animation movies (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain Phillips, X-Men: First Class, Turbo, Winnie the Pooh, ...).